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House of Bee

The story of House of Bee begins in a local campground Circa 1992. That is where a then 23 year old Tommy befriended the then 16 year old Corey. After becoming friends they both realized that they had similar tastes in music. They also learned that each played the guitar (although neither of them any good). A few summers later Corey had become a better player and started writting songs, some of which would later appear on the band's debut release, "My Soul", and Tommy although he had not mastered the guitar had started writting lyrics of his own. Over the course of the next 7-8 years the guys, going by the name of Fragile Destroyer, honed their songwritting and performance skills. During the summer and fall of 2002 things took a turn to the serious side. The band decided that it was time to stop "goofing off" and become serious about their music. They changed their name to House of Bee and wrote some songs to compliment what they had already written. Then in the summer of 2003 they started recording "My Soul". This first CD, released November in 2003, is a testment to their struggle to improve as musicians and as human beings.

The band went on hiatus from Jan. 2005 - May 2007 while Corey completed his Bachelor's degree. They are now re-energized and have made an addition to the House of Bee family, adding Dave on Percussion, Bass, Keys, and Vocals. The now 3 piece HoB is ready to take on the world. They plan on entering the studio in the near future to work on a new disc entitled "Days of Wine & Roses".