House of Bee


Wacky Wyatts

House of Bee plays at Wacky Wyatt's

We would like to first thank you for taking the time to check this website. Now with the formalities aside lets get down to business. What is House of Bee you ask… House of Bee is an alternative and classic rock three-man band with melodic sounds of the past and present as well as some inspirational originals. Their music is both powerful and easy going in the same stroke. The developed styling of Corey’s Guitar combined with Tommy on Drums and the new addition of Dave on Bass, Keys & Percussion add a whole new dimension to HoB's sound. Add to that their harmonious vocals and it is breath taking.

Some of the cover songs they incorporate into their show are from bands like Pink Floyd, Queensrÿche, Alice in Chains, The Animals, Wall of Voodoo, Nickleback, Midnight Oil, Tom Petty, Tonic, The Eagles, Def Leppard, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and much more. As you can see they cover quite a variety of musical styles that capture all audiences. Their originals are as dynamic and flavorful as the cover songs they perform. It was once said, "House of Bee does not play the music but rather they express it, allowing it to flow from their very souls."

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